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All over the world art galleries display the works of talented artists. Here at The Café Gallery we are displaying the latest form of artistic impression - digital art. The Internet is the only place that you can find this, and The Café Gallery is here to give these artists a forum for the display of their work.

All of these works are copyright protected by the artists and are used with permission. Remember that you must have their consent to use these works in any way. Names, email and URL's for more information are provided whenever possible. Send email to TJ if you have any additional questions, comments or submissions.

Digital Art
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[Blue Hole] "Blue Hole" by Jack Andrews - 1999 (95k)

All of Jack Andrews' works have a calming feel of reality, yet somehow, they are unreal.   He describes his worlds as "impossible" yet they are somehow completely possible in our mind.

[Magic River] "Magic River" by Jack Andrews - 1999 (92k)

In contrast to the above selection, this work demonstrates the more surreal and impossible world that Jack describes so well.  As with many of his works, I find myself drawn to this world, imagining that being there would equate to complete peacefulness.

[DreamUFO] "DreamUFO" by Jack Andrews - 1997 (70k)

Although nobody can define 'dream quality,' I felt that this image resembled my dream quality so much that it's spooky. Just like my dreams, the setting seems totally real, while the action or foreground seems decidedly unreal.

[Supraliminal] "Supraliminal" by Jack Andrews - 1997 (30k)

Similar to his other work above, this piece seems to contain a real setting in our minds eye. Seems to me that the artist has captured the futuristic setting that some of us think we belong to already.

[Snow Valley] "Snow Valley" by Martin Murphy - 1999 (k)

Virtual landscapes are one of my favorite styles of digital art.  When the artist can use digital technology to create a work that makes my monitor look live a window to the real world, I am always impressed...

[Beyond Snow Valley] "Beyond Snow Valley" by Martin Murphy - 1999 (k)

...Then the artist takes the landscape to another level.  This work, a continuation of the above work, reminds me of some of the more suicidal places I have selected to go skiing.   The work is so real, I feel like I am there.

[You Wanted To See Me, Boss?] "You Wanted To See Me, Boss?" by Martin Murphy - 1999 (k)

A humourous twist on the realistic selections I have chosen above.  Martin Murphy's work spans several styles, including some fine art that I have not sampled here.  Be sure to visit his site and see which ones you like the best.

Art by Scott Balay - "The Tower" "The Tower" by Scott Balay - 1997 (99k)

"The Tower" was created by the owner of the Infinite Fish Homepage. He does a lot of intense imagery using a computer aided environment. If you are into complex graphical art, than this is the place to go see it. There is also an archive of seamless graphics ripe and ready for picking.

Art by Scott Balay - "Spheroids1" "Spheroids1" by Scott Balay - 1997 (45k)

Another of Balay's works - additional comments can be seen above.

Art by Allen Toney - "Portrait of Mandlebrot" "Portrait of Mandelbrot" by Allen Toney - 1997 (18k)

Allen Toney's "Surreal Galleries" are a reminder of the days of Salvador Dali (but then again, any reference to surreal seems incomplete without mentioning Dali.) Using the modern aid of computers, this artist has produced works that look so much like they were painted by hand - an art in itself.

Art by Allen Toney - "Arc Welding for Jesus" "Arc Welding For Jesus" (1995) by Allen Toney - 1997 (40k)

This piece by Toney shows his more hi-tech or digital side. The intense colors and symmetry show a strong bond to the technology used to aid his design. Many of his additional works have an intriguing combination of this style and that of the classical painter.

Art by John Gentry - "The Bar" "The Bar" by John Gentry - 1998 (36k)

More on the side of cartoon than real life, John Gentry's works deal in detail and color. Many of his works remind me of places I've been - this being one of those. Does this bar look familiar to anyone else?

Art by John Gentry - "The Bridge" "The Bridge" by John Gentry - 1998 (41k)

Even though this is obviously not a "real" setting, it seems like it sure could be. It's probably a great place to go to recover after visiting his "bar" (above.)

Anonymous Art - "BillGatus of Borg" "BillGatus of Borg" by Boardwatch Magazine - 1997 (48k)

I'm not sure who the artist is, but this was the cover of an issue of Boardwatch Magazine. Although not exactly orgonal art, as compared to the other works featured here, I found the opportunity to pass this image around too good to deny.


VRML Worlds
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VRML Word by Vicx - "The Fish Tank" "Tropical Reef" by Vicx - 1997 (546k)

Vicx is the creator of "digitalo - the epicenter for cyberpunk digital culture". His original works can be found at his site and include still graphics, animations, movies and VRML worlds.


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