The Parking Lot

This is the place to find sites outside of The Café. Hand the valet your ticket, wait for your car and whisk away to far off and exciting places. (But be sure to come back soon!)

Here are the Valet's personal Favorites:

Finance and Folly - the best site for investment advice.

the epicenter for cyberpunk digital culture and digitalo design, inc.
(you'll need to wear your seatbelt for this ride!)

Wine, food and gifts - what more can one ask for?

We don't want to fool you... We want to help you fool someone else!

dogs-of-soho.jpg (8121 bytes)
Dogs of Soho - toss a postcard to a friend.
traveldog.gif (2421 bytes)
Lot's of great information and fun for your dog when travelling.

inns-outs.gif (3437 bytes)
The Bed & Breakfast Source.

godiva.gif (22152 bytes)
Did somebody say, "Chocolate?!?"


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